Update From the ACS: How to Transmit ACS Verified CME Data


Are you a Board-Certified Surgeon of the American Board of Surgery?

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) is pleased to share that the MyCME portal and features such as viewing and transmitting individual CME credit to ABS will now be available FREE to all learners who participate in an ACS accredited activity accredited by the American College of Surgeons!


Access to MyCME is complimentary and will enable all learners to electronically transmit their CME data to the ABS via ACCME by sending their CME data through the MyCME portal. This seamless process will ensure your CME data is submitted to the ABS.


In order to transmit this data, ACS will require you go to the ACS log in page and select New User to create a profile so you can receive a log-in to your MyCME portal. (This is only required for those who do not already have an account at the ACS). Once you obtain this ID return to your registration and add your ACS ID to your registration for this event.


Upon completion of your activity and claiming of your credit, you will simply log into MyCME , provide your ABS ID, day and month of birth, select the date range for CME credit earned, and grant permission for the data transfer. This is a seamless process and allows you to select which CME data you would like to send to the ABS via ACCME. See the steps below to transmit your CME data today!


To electronically transmit your CME data for ACS activities to the American Board of Surgery (ABS), please follow these simple steps.

For more information about the MyCME portal, please contact

Please note you must provide your ACS ID to your CME activity provider for your CME to be transferred to the MyCME portal. This is usually done at the time of registration for the event.