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Request For Association Archival Material

By: Gordon Telford, MD, FACS

As many of you know I am the Archivist for our Society. I have in my office a wonderful collection of information about our Society going all the way back to its formation. I am missing a few things though that I’d like to have you consider helping with. We have very few of the Presidential Addresses. If you were a past president or have a copy of someone else’s presidential address, I’d appreciate your sending me a copy. I’d be happy to have a copy of the slides on a disc. If you ever gave a formal report on an important topic and you have the slides, I’d love to have a copy. We’re missing a few program booklets from recent years. If you have any of those I’d also love to have them. Lastly, if you have anything that relates to the society and you’re willing to give it up please send it to me. A few of you have already sent me materials and I’m very thankful. Call me with any questions.

If anyone would like copies from my talk last year on the early years of the society please let me know. The postal address and email address to send materials to is:

Marshall Beckman MD, FACS